Power Of Calligraphy


The first annual session was named the Power of Calligraphy to represent the thematic orientation that has been selected for Islamic Art Forum’s first preview. Initially, it was launched in 2016, where totality indicates a ruling of number 9, and where nine of competing artists could make it to exhibition. In Numerology, number 9 indicates universal love, eternity, and faith, it indicates inner strength and creative abilities as well. The name indicates the curator’s believe in that universal energy and serenity and it stems from the inclusive meanings that are embraced by a symbol, which is here the Arabic letter in particular. The name also stems from these meanings’ capabilities to extend reaching that descriptive magical state of energy flow; flowing like unearthly elements magically capable to control and influence. The symbol/letter, accordingly embraces many dimensions, and follows are just few:

It is interpretation to the voice in its attempt to balance aptitude for making sense and creating beautiful meanings.

It is a visual geometrical value that stems from our ability to stabilize and find order in visual dimensions
Evident by historical transformations in Arabic calligraphy, Arabic letters in particular, were characterized by that unique tendency infinite of scalability of formation.
It has that optical portability and an ability to be perceived geometrically and artistically through elements of beautification.

Contemporary calligraphy is an inclusive state of concealment that includes within colors and visual spheres, building in away its path to an equalized miraculous abstraction.

Letters and symbols consequently own unique features as well as capabilities, and to go further, just double that and imagine the power of one word… the power of a sentence… then feel that energy lying there in a language! It is that particular comprehension that leads us to see the power and energy in textual and visual expressions.

The Islamic Art Forum as an artistic event, and in its first annual session is thus seeking to inclusively exhibit that very experience. A revelation of a platform of artworks that reflect an intelligent duality between Islamic and Arabic calligraphy, and between conceptual contemporary arts in all its colors and the exquisiteness found within.