Art for a cause

Art for a cause is on a mission to encourage amateur artists to participate in the art industry and sell their work to stimulate culture and improve communities. However art for a cause does not only encourage artists, it encourages sales, as proceeds collected from the art work sales go to charity. Art for a cause is dedicated to help emerging artist gain national recognition whilst giving back to the community. At Gadeemadis, we are aware of our social responsibilities therefore we provide a unique community service through our art for a cause program that enables us to capture the best of both worlds; encouraging artists and giving back to the community.

The exhibition aims at supporting mutual relationships between Arabic and Islamic countries. It also aims at creating strong cultural relationships with nations around the globe as part of Abu Dhabi’s futuristic cultural vision of becoming the first Islamic Art touristic destination in the region. We want to bring transformation into being, a transformation that will grant United Arab Emirates its unique artistic and cultural position. Take a tour within our website to stay updated with Gadeemadis activities, exhibitions, awards, publications, collections, galleries, and more.