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Mariam Al Suwaidi

Curator’s Biography

Mariam Al Suwaidi is an independent curator based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She holds a BSE in civil engineering from United Arab Emirates University. She also holds a certificate in Leadership Sciences from The Wharton School, Philadelphia, PA – USA. She has more than a decade of experience in engineering and project design, in addition to her efforts in developing artistic culture through the study of Art Movements and historical architecture, Islamic architecture and pre and postmodern arts.

Mariam Al Suwaidi has developed her technical knowledge in the field of art when she felt the need to climb and reach the top of what she enjoys the most. Because she believes that life is about struggling for what we can do best, she went on to transform her artistic dream into a reality and founding Gadeemadis in 2015. She has launched the Islamic Art Forum in March 2016 to establish a specialized and a unique platform that can embrace the most brilliant of contemporary Islamic artworks under one umbrella.

Mariam Al Suwaidi seeks to consolidate an artistic footprint that comprises one of the most important pillars towards cultural development in any given country. Her driving force aligns with late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s values, and she quotes him by saying, “Ancestors have left us a lot of grand heritage that we are entitled to be proud of and to preserve and develop so as it remains an asset to our nation and the nation’s future generations.”



Leading our art work forward toward competitive places in a world where art reveals royalty and magnificence. We seek to transform oriental art into marvels that can amaze the world and contribute to spread an international respected Art that convey messages of nobility and peace.


To highlight sublime work of distinguished artists in a contemporary manner that must contribute to the overall art movement witnessed by United Arab Emirates. We seek to thrive in aesthetically presenting the massive artistic work of our talented artists, aware of the enormous outcomes art can provide to the overall wellbeing of nations.